What Matters to Us

White Supremacist? No coffee for you...

We support Black Lives Matter, the tragedies that have befallen black people, especially young black men, at the hands of a systemically racist society weighs heavy on our hearts. That's all we really need to say about that. Have a problem with this stance? Feel free to take your business elsewhere, we don't cater to racists. 
Not only does the specialty coffee industry provide income for farmers and farm workers that are predominantly people of color, but you shouldn't be a racist.
Not only are we an equally minded, inclusive business from our cafe, staffing, and all other aspects of of business, but you shouldn't be a fascist.
We believe that enough is enough. It is time for change. It is time to end systemic racism world wide.
Also, if you are racist, no coffee for you, we don't want or need your business.


Safe and Inclusive

We believe in being inclusive, as such we have no room for discrimination in any elements of our business. Our cafe is a safe zone, we do not allow discrimination, hate speech, racism, etc. If you are ever in our cafe and hear something that makes you feel discriminated against please reach out to us and we will make it right, our customers comfort and safety are very important to us. We have partnered with the 'Open to All' campaign to show our commitment to these principals. You can read more about that here.... Open for All