Stargazers FTO - Med-Dark Roast

Stargazers FTO - Med-Dark Roast

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Freshly roasted Stargazers FTO Med-Dark Roast.

1 Pound bag

Always roasted less than 7 days before shipping.

Formerly available only at the Springfield Food Coop, now available direct from us.

  • Region: Peru
  • Profile: Rich and creamy body, sweet floral and spice notes,
    well-rounded acidity.
    Brighten your day or find the stars.
  • Certifications: Fair TradeOrganic

All coffees are sold as whole bean, if you would like your coffee ground please specify how you would like your coffee ground in your order comments, here are the most common grind styles

  • French Press/Coarse Ground
  • Percolator/Keurig Ground
  • Pour Over/Drip Ground
  • Espresso/Fine Ground