Q: Why Fair Trade?

A: At Flying Crow Coffee we believe people deserve a fair wage and fair treatment for their hard work. Coffee producing countries are often less than ideal socio-political environments for their populace, this highlights why Fair Trade Certified products are important to us. We only source Fair Trade Certified green coffee for our roasting operation.

Q: Why Organic?

A: Not only are organically grown products better for you, they are better for the environment. Coffee is often grown in delicate ecosystems. Dousing those environments in herbicides and pesticides is not only bad for your body as a consumer, it can be devastating for the local flora and fauna. We source only Certified Organic green coffees, whether USDA certified or by other trusted organic certification groups.

Q: What does Nano-Roasted mean?

A: Nano is a term used to differentiate the size of a roasting operation from larger roasting operations such as Micro-Roasters and Macro-Roasters. We roast in 2 pound batches (starting input is close to 2.8 pounds with a final product weight of between 2 and 2.3 pounds after roasting). This means we can produce consistent, carefully roasted product with many different roast styles on a small scale to best serve a very local market as well as roast to order for e-commerce with very little waste. It also gives me the option of special customer request orders with only a 2 pound minimum purchase.

Q: Why are the available coffees always changing?

A: Coffee is a seasonally harvested crop just like the fruits and vegetable you find in the market. Because we are a small roasting operation we do not have a large back-stock of green coffee. Therefore our coffees are very fresh but we are at the whim of our importers in regards to available products. Don’t fret, many coffees will come back around next harvest and we are always happy to help you pick a new coffee to try.

Q: Can I pick up my order at the roasting studio?

A: We are not open in a public space yet. But as soon as the roasting studio opens at 3 Main St in Springfield Vermont you will be able to pick up your coffee when we are open. Because of farmers’ market season our hours will be very limited, so please check in with us first to make sure someone will be there to help you.